In The Kitchen with Chef Jacklene

Cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults

Chef Jacklene Murran

Chef Jacklene Murran is an alumna and former instructor of the California School of Culinary Arts - Cordon Bleu.  She has studied at the Cordon Bleu in Paris, several restaurants in Tuscany, and worked for Vida and Naturally David's Pastry in Los Angeles.  She has been inspired by her work with renown Chef Joachim Splichal of Patina and most recently worked as a culinary instructor at the Art Institute in Hollywood.  

Chef Jacklene is currently combining her love of teaching with her passion for all things, In The Kitchen.  Her goal is to inspire kids and their families to cook real food, in delicious ways.  She believes that learning to cook, creates a lifelong pursuit of healthful eating, and that meals made together always taste better! 

In The Kitchen Philosophy


  • To teach children & adults the importance and value of cooking in a safe setting that encourages discovery and creativity.
  • In The Kitchen you will learn math by measuring solids and liquids; science by observing changes in states of matter and effects of temperature; and art as food and its many presentations is an art form.
  • Good food means a good quality of life.  Knowing how to transform qualityingredients into beautiful food will change your life. 
  • Learning to cook is giving yourself, or a loved one, a life long gift of good health.
  • Catching and inspiring kids early to have a passion for cooking and good food is our goal.  Moms & Dads, it’s never too late to get inspired or to improve your skills.  We’re always learning from each other In The Kitchen.
  • To remove fear In The Kitchen:
  1. Fear of failing (we all have occasional disasters)
  2. Fear of trying new foods (how do you know you don’t like it ‘till you try it 17 times!)
  3. Fear that healthy can’t possibly taste delicious (some kids beg for brussel sprouts - you just have to know the tricks)



What to Know Before Attending a Class


  • In The Kitchen encourages children to enjoy what they make.  They will have the opportunity to taste foods they may never have  tried before.  It's a good idea to encourage them before coming to class to try everything. Our philosophy: “If you create it, you will taste it” really works!! 
  • Please tie long hair back.
  • Come prepared to have fun!